Fish Ich Symptoms & Treatment

Fish Ich (or sometimes written Ick). Ich is not a bacterial or fungal infection, it is actually a small, white parasite. Causes The Fish Ich parasite naturally exists in your betta’s tank and when their stress coat or immunity is...
3 Kinds Of Betta Diseases You Must Know

3 Most Common Kinds Of Betta Diseases You Must Know

As with all aquarium fish, sometimes bettas get ill. It is important to be familiar with your fish so that any unusual behavior can be detected early. Bettas are basically sedentary fish, so inactivity alone is not enough to diagnose...

Top 15 Best Betta Tank Mates & Companions

You should be very selective while choosing betta tank mates and should be very careful in this process if the required steps are not taken properly then you may end up losing the life of the other fishes that are...

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