Dip-A-Way: Proper Usage and Advice

Dip-A-Way by Aquatronics

Contains merbromin and sodium chloride. Lets’s learn the proper usage of Dip-a-way.

Information from the label…“External tank treatment for Bacterial, Fungal, and Parasitic disease on fish.” “All fish safe disinfecting dip” “For freshwater and marine fish

General Instructions: Dip-A-Way is an effective chemical dip that prevents and controls: fungal infections, white cottony patches on fish, ragged and frayed fins, and parasitic infections.

Mix 1 tablespoon of dip to 8 ounces of fresh dechlored water. Use when receiving new fish (as a preventative) and when disease occurs (as a control). To control infections on fish, dip the fish daily until results are obtained.

Personal experience: 
Dip-A-Way is a mild dip that treats three common problems that betta owners face; bacterial fin rot, fungus, and parasites. Most bettas tolerate the short dip well and seem fine within moments/minutes afterward. The label suggests, “use when receiving fish”. If used as suggested, problems with “rescued” or newly purchased bettas would be less prevalent.

How I use it: At the first sign of fin rot or fungus…I mix 1 tablespoon of DAW with 8 ounces of fresh water in a deli container. I put 8 ounces of fresh water suitable for aquarium use in another deli container. This is to rinse the betta after the dip.

If you plan to use JFE or similar medication, you may want to do a 100% water change into a clean container. Remove some water from the bettas’ tank and set him in it while you clean the bowl.

Fill the bowl up with new water at the same temperature as his bowl and add the appropriate amount of JFE or other medication. Set a timer for 30 seconds and have a paper towel ready. Net the betta and place in dip (in net) with the timer running. After 30 seconds, remove from dip; blot net on paper towel to remove excess dip and place netted betta in deli container of FRESHWATER.

I usually dip-a-way again for 15-20 seconds, blot the net and rinse in fresh water again. Remove netted betta from rinse water and place betta in his container.

Don’t discard the mixed container of dip. You can use it again for up to 3 weeks when stored in a cool dark place.

Note: The idea of rinsing the dip from betta and net is mine. I don’t want to put any dip into the bettas’ container. It also allows me to give the betta another short dip for 15 seconds. If the betta is going back in a 10G tank, the small amount of dip on the fishnet probably isn’t an issue.

Dip-A-Way: Proper Usage and Advice 1

While the betta is in the dip, some may swim while others may remain motionless. If the betta is not moving; I move the net to get him swimming. I want to get the betta moving and distribute the dip to all the fins.

Additional comments: I’ve used Dip-A-Way with appropriate medication for fin rot, fungal infections, and velvet. It’s great for minor injuries, missing scales, etc. I’ve used it when I didn’t know what it was and didn’t want to wait to find out.

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