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Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank


What is the process of Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank? As I have researched through the internet, I find that there are slim-to-none, when it comes to websites that state the kinds of fish that are compatible community partners with the Betta splendens.

This may be due to the fact that Betta has their own personality. Some, regardless of sex or age, will just not go well with any type of fish you pair them with. Also, if you are having trouble, you might want to remember the rule of the thumb for most aquarium hobbyists– one square inch of fish per gallon. It could be that there is just not enough room for all of your fish to thrive, in your aquarium.

I would also like to add, that if you want Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank with a male betta and some other fish, I suggest getting a 10+ gallon tank. You can put a few females together in a five-gallon peacefully, that is, if you don’t have those occasional rogue fin-nipping type of females.

So, I hear you asking, now that that is out of the way, just what type of fish should I try with MY betta friend?

Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank 1

Remember, as I previously stated, some Bettas will never be good community tank pals. The best thing to do for Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank, with any fish, is just to keep an eye on them for the first few hours to make sure there is no fin-nipping going on. If things get too aggressive, have a bowl or tank already prepared to separate your Betta from the others in the aquarium.


Here are the names of some fish that have gotten along with Betta splendens:

Remember to research any fish you are going to put in a community tank for Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank, because even though they may be compatible with a Betta, they may not be compatible with each other!

I would only suggest putting one male Betta in a community tank for Building a Betta Friendly Community Tank any more than that and the two males may have a fight. The above-listed fish are only suggestions of what some people have had luck with-that is not to say they will work for your Betta. Do some research, experiment a bit, but remember to keep your Betta safe!😃A watchful eye can keep your lovely friend from harm.

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