Betta Temperature Shock Symptoms & Treatment

The Symptoms of temperature shock completely depend on the type of shock that your betta is undergoing. The betta fish shows completely different symptoms for cold temperature shock than a hot temperature shock.

Symptoms Of Cold Temperature Shock

Betta Fish Resting At The Bottom

If you find your betta resting at the bottom of the tank for a long time. Then it might be suffering from cold temperature shock.

Resting at the bottom will not confirm that it is suffering a cold temperature shock because if the fish is suffering some disease it might also rest at the bottom. Best to act quickly.

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Betta Temperature Shock Symptoms & Treatment 1

Going Into A Coma

If the water is cold then the body function of the beta will slow down gradually which slips the fish into a coma stage. If you find your fish in this stage then warm the water immediately and try to revive the fish.

If it starts moving then you’re very lucky in bringing the fish back to life. Else then they might be also dead. This is a very dangerous stage. if proper care is not taken then the fish will definitely die.

Symptoms Of Hot Temperature Shock

Breathing Heavily & Staying At The Surface

If you find your fish always wandering on the surface of the fish tank and breathing very heavily then it is a sign of low oxygen level.

This is caused by hot temperature shock. This can be prevented easily and does not cause a lot of damage like the cold temperature shock.

Main Causes Of Rapid Temperature Change

Change In Room Temperature

One of the reasons for the hot temperature shock is mainly because of the temperature change and will increase or decrease the water temperature. Mostly in the summer, it increases the temperature.

Change in water temperature

If you change the water all of a sudden then it will cause either hot or cold temperature shock. Depending on the water temperature the betta lived earlier. The fish take some time to adapt to the new temperature. if you want to change the water, do it slowly.

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Betta Temperature Shock Symptoms & Treatment 2

How To Cool Down A Fish Tank?

Let A Fan Blow Across The Surface

One of the easiest ways to reduce the water temperature is by just placing the cooling fan on the surface to let it do its work. Because it is one of the easiest ways but it takes some time it doesn’t cool immediately.

I recommend using this method when your tank water is just a little warm and the fish is not facing any major problems like the above mentioned.

Add Frozen Ice

If the temperature of the water is too high and the betta fish is badly suffering and is on the surface to intake oxygen. Then you should consider adding some of the ice cubes.

This will drastically reduce the water temperature and will also increase the amount of freshwater after it melts but to a small extent. But keep in mind that do not add a lot of frozen ice as this may lead to cold shock.

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Betta Temperature Shock Symptoms & Treatment 3

Turn Off The Lights

Another reason why your water temperature is rising is because of the lights. If you use the wrong lighting for the wrong tank then it may heat up the tank and will eventually cause a lot of problems.

Use high-quality LED lights that will reduce heating and change the water regularly. By doing so you will be able to maintain the water temperature and will prevent cold and hot temperature shocks. Which may kill the fish if proper care is not taken.

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