Betta Fish Tanks: Create Best Homes for Your Bettas

Betta fish tanks come in all sorts of sizes and colors with an array of filter and lighting options. Deciding on a tank is one of the most important decisions you will make for your fish. Here are points to think about:

Betta Fish Tanks
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Betta Fish Are Living Creatures

As you begin planning for your betta fish, keep in mind that the fish is a living creature and deserves a unique environment. The aquarium you select will be the entire world to the betta fish you keep as a pet. The decisions you make truly impact the life of the fish. Take a few minutes and think about what your fish would benefit from.

Betta Fish Tank Can Really Show Off Your Fish

Yes, you will see betta fish in all sorts of containers: cups, tiny plastic bags, small bowls, and many other “homes”.  But let’s get real here – If you are getting (or have) a beautiful betta fish, why wouldn’t you want it to have a proper home/aquarium. Somewhere it can be as healthy as possible, where it can reach its potential and be a showpiece for your room, your home, or your office. Invest in an aquarium that will augment the room it is in. In recent years this has become easier as manufacturers are putting together some slick-looking betta fish tanks.

The Larger The Tank The Better

Tiny enclosures should be avoided. Aim for something 2 gallons or larger.

Betta Fish Tank
Betta Fish Tanks: Create Best Homes for Your Bettas 1

Betta Fish Can Jump

Remember, that betta fish can jump. I suggest something that has a closing top. This will help ensure you don’t discover your beautiful betta on the floor. One word of warning – Do not get an aquarium with a sealed top designed to remove all air above the water. Betta fish need access to the surface/air.

Water Between 76-82 Degrees – Heater Required

There is a huge misnomer that betta fish can live in cold water, warm water, hot water – ANY water. This is just not true. Betta fish are tropical fish. If they get cold they begin to shut down and wither away. Temperature fluctuations can cause all kinds of illnesses and eating issues. Putting a heater in the tank (even a small tank) will help your betta stay healthier.

Aquarium Placement Is Important

Aquarium placement is often overlooked. Keep the aquarium away from direct sunlight as it will cause algae problems and, in some cases, heat the water in an uncontrolled manner. The aquarium should be on a very sturdy surface that can handle the tank’s weight – water weighs 8.34lbs per gallon. When selecting a place for a new aquarium I try to avoid heating ducts, air conditioning ducts, windows, and drafts.

Betta Fish Need Clean Water – Yes, A Filter

Betta fish tanks should have a filter. A filter gives beneficial bacteria a place to colonize and grow. These beneficial bacteria break down dissolved fish waste and keep the aquarium water from becoming toxic to your betta. I hear all the time that betta fish will do fine in stagnant water that is not filtered. Nasty water is the fastest way to harm your fish, leading to diseases such as betta fin rot.

Strong Light Is Not Required

Lighting your betta tank is a great way to add the “pop” to the look of an aquarium. There is nothing better than having a beautiful tank lit up at night. The betta fish themselves do not need the light at all. You could simply use ambient light from the room. The light is really for us humans viewing these beautiful fish. Keep the light on the aquarium off when you are not around the tank. For instance, if your tank is at home and you work during the day – keep the tank light off while you are at work. Controlling the light will help keep algae down, which in turn keeps the maintenance.

Take a bit of time and select the aquarium, heater, filter, and tank location that will maximize the life of your betta fish.  You will be happier in the long run.

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