Tips for Choosing a Healthy Betta Fish to Purchase Purchasing Bettas

Tips for Choosing a Healthy Betta Fish to Purchase

Important Criteria to consider when choosing a Healthy Betta Fish It is important to know what you should look for when choosing a healthy betta fish from the pet store. The fish should be a healthy specimen from the outset,...

Buying Bettas From A Breeder, Pet Store, Or Online

There are basically three ways of buying bettas. Buying them from a pet store, buying them from a breeder, or buying them online. I'll run through some important things to consider in each of those options. Buying Bettas From Pet...
female betta fish

Female Betta Fish Popularity Has Grown

Female Betta Fish are Everywhere! Whenever I walk into an aquarium shop or pet store in my area I find many fancy finned male bettas that have always greeted me from the shelves and tanks. But a rather new trend...

Purchasing Bettas