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About Us: I am Peter Howard, the Founder of Healthy Betta Inc. My love of fish keeping started about a few years ago when I brought home my first betta. He was a veil tail with a deep purple body and rich red fins. Little did Rudy (as he was so named) or I know on that day that he would forever spark my enjoyment for the addicting hobby of fishkeeping.

Although I started with bettas, these days you’ll also find me with other tropical fish such as Harlequin Rasboras, Cory Catfish, and Dwarf Gouramis. Ghost shrimp often have a presence in my tanks as well. I adore the natural appearance and benefits of live plants and find great joy in keeping planted tanks. I am forever grateful to the friend who offered me a sample of java moss and java ferns, as my appreciation for live plants took off from there.

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Healthy Betta is honored to receive an Orange Betta Award from BettySplendens in recognition of a quality betta website. Thank you!

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